Alex's Face

Alex Meader is an award winning writer and director who has been telling stories across many different mediums for almost a decade. His body of work includes feature films, short films, commercials, branded content, music videos, and virtual reality.

Meader's feature, short film, and music video work has been featured in a wide range of film festivals across the country including SoCal Film Fest, Arizona Film Festival, Young Cuts International, LA Comedy Fest, and the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival. In addition his extensive commercial directing experience includes such brands as Chevy, YouTube, HyperX, Major League Gaming, The Tourism Authority of Thailand, Jacuzzi, and Denso.

Over the last two years, Meader has also begun taking on projects in the realm of virtual reality. Working alongside frequent directing collaborator Connor Hair, Alex has directed VR brand films for YouTube and The Tourism Authority of Thailand as well as the Civil War narrative VR film “My Brother’s Keeper” for PBS and Technicolor which premiered at Sundance in 2017.

Meader is passionate about storytelling and brings that passion to every project he directs. He is a strong believer in the power of good preparation and hard work as the keys to executing any project to its fullest potential.

Connor's Face

Connor Hair is a writer, director and award winning cinematographer. After working as a cinematographer on six feature length projects, Connor shifted his focus toward directing virtual reality experiences. His in depth knowledge of camera technology and prior experience directing shorts allowed for a confident transition into this new artform.

In 2015 he directed two short films for virtual reality. The first, titled “Real”, is now doing its festival run and will be released as an app for the Oculus Rift in early 2016. “Real” was his first venture into virtual reality filmmaking and was an experiment in telling stories in this new medium. The second, titled “En Pointe” was selected as a winner of Samsung’s “There in 60 Seconds” contest and had its premiere screening at Sundance.

Connor is constantly experimenting with emerging technology and has a passion for telling stories in unique and innovative ways.

Beth Meberg has worked in theatre and as a film producer for nearly a decade. Her unique blend of experience includes commercials, flash mobs, short films, virtual reality experiences, and television.

Beth finds excitement and passion in using her skills to keep the creative process moving forward to completion. She believes that anything is possible through hard work and dedication.